Tuesday, November 3, 2015


In the wise words of Jay Sherman... BUY MY BOOK!

Yes, I have a book! My first book ever, in fact! This is my first foray into children's literature, so I'm hoping none of you have any wimpy kids because this story is about the Krampus! It's a short little romp, designed to be read aloud, with some great art by Joseph Silver.

The story behind the book is this:
Willy and I have a fancy Christmas party every year. The first time we did this, he asked that I write something to read aloud. I wrote a story poem about the Krampus, and since then, he's read it every year. Well, this year he'll actually have a real book to read it from!!

Here's a sneak peek of some art from the book. If you'd like a copy of your own, I've got a pre-order link up! The books will be in my hands by November 18th, and I'll actually be shipping them to people on November 30th.

Hope you enjoy!