Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is coming!

It's almost here! Right now, in laying on the couch with Willy. We're listening to The Big Broadcast on NPR while our fake Wii fireplace roars on the TV. I've got tea and after a workout, band practice, and a good clean dinner (fish and green beans) I'm feeling pretty good!

I thought that enjoying Christmas treats would be okay but to be honest, I just hate how it makes me feel. I get all depressed and fatigued and there's nothing fun about that. I hope I can just keep telling myself that. I was planning on making paella for Christmas but the truth is, not only would eating a bunch of rice make me feel gross, but my mom has diabetes. I hate the idea of putting out something starchy that will make her sick. So, I figure, why not do a big beautiful pot roast? Everyone will love it, it will be healthy, and I won't have to worry about feeling gross after. That'll be a gift to my mom and myself and our family.

And now I gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow I gotta to to the post office and try to find myself a Dutch oven, though I'm terrified of Christmas eve shopping!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

A confession in the name of rock..

Alright people, brace yourselves. What I'm about to tell you is pretty insane. I, your resident Queen of Hell, your party-going binge-drinking metal-loving card-carying mosh-pit enthusiast... do not like "rock n' roll".

Try not to pee yourself. I shall explain.

I'm not sure how it happened, but during my formulative years I wasn't really exposed to rock. Metal? a little. I found that I was drawn to musicals, which makes sense, because all my parents let me watch were Disney movies. My neighborhood was decidedly more into hip hop, and my parents wouldn't let me listen to it. Nor was I allowed to listen to Madonna, who would have been a terrible example anyway (thanks, mom and dad!). You all know this story. I grew up sheltered. But even when I got to high school, and even as I tried my best to like the popular music, none of it stuck. I didn't FEEL anything. I listened to DC101 and 98Rock and gave Nirvana and Creed and Hole and Garbage and whoever else was famous at the time a genuine try. Nothin'. It didn't hit me in the heart.

I discovered metal just a bit after, but only because X Japan made me realize why I liked them; it wasn't the ballads, or the genuine emotional blah blah blah, it was their few (very few) truly HEAVY METAL songs that I wanted and craved. I needed more of THAT, I decided. And here we are today.

So even now, as I listen to a swingin' rock n' roll beat, a nice guitar, something uplifting and happy and party-rockin', I am dead inside. Like a petrified corpse. It just doesn't hit me, and in a way, that makes me kind of sad. Everyone loves rock n' roll, right? Instead, I feel like the chick at the end of the movie version of Christine. As she sees the smoking cube of what used to be a murderous mass of metal, and a dude walks by with a boom box playing classic rock.

"I hate rock n' roll."

I feel you, sister. Though, admittedly, for much different reasons.

How is it possible to hate rock and absolutely love metal? I really have no idea. There's a really fine line between the two, after all. Some of Priest's more uh.. sparkly stuff could easily be considered rock, but I still like it kinda. I enjoy listening to AC/DC. That's rock, right? But man, that swinging happy "hard rock" on the radio about doin' people and partying or crying about your boyfriend or whatever.. it just does not click with me. Even when Hammerfall sings songs about cheating on their girlfriend and getting caught (I shit you not) it typically doesn't vibe well with me. Real-world situations and relatable content? Not to me, it isn't.

I don't know, maybe I'm just weird. But, if you should happen to see me cringe once someone turns on the "latest hits" on the radio, now you know why.