Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Huge (FAIL)

I tried watching this show, because as a former overweight teen, I felt I could relate. What I got was an overly drama-fied show, starring the chick from Hairspray, David Hasslehoff's daughter, and the black chick from The Adventures of Hercules.

All good actors, given a terrible script. It seems that everyone at this camp has issues outside of the norm, which makes the show feel entirely too fake. The girls are obsessed with a parody of "Twilight", where they replace a ghost with the vampire ("Did you get to the part where they danced in the graveyard??"), and either I've grown waaay past this new generation of teens, or they're portraying teens as really really dumb lately. None of these characters seem at all smart or creative. The main character's biggest creative achievement was to use fat bodyparts to spell words on her wall, like a 5th grader's collage.

I hate it when shows have a good premise and fail. I would actually LOVE to see a show that addresses childhood/teenage obesity without making it out to be the entire reason for their existence. Why can't kids just be kids, while also being fat? This show might have been interesting if the characters had personalities outside of their given archetypes..

The Pretty One

The Angry One who likes The Guy

The Guy who likes The Pretty One

And the rest..

Anyone else watch this, yet?


screwdestiny said...

So I watched the first two episodes just 'cause I was curious after what you said. And I agree. Lame. And I don't get Will's character. Is she supposed to be inspirational or something with her completely shitty attitude? "I want to be unhealthy! I'm going to criticize other people for wanting to get healthier and improve their self esteem! I'm going to aid them in failing by selling them food." It's ridiculous.

Nina said...

Exactly! I feel like they're trying to make the fat acceptance movement out to just be a bunch of bitter angry fat people. Isn't "fat acceptance" supposed to be people who aren't afraid of being fat? Not people who whine about exercise and sneak people (who have eating disorders!) junk food.