Thursday, March 28, 2013


Alright Nina, time to STFU. I already wrote about how Willy has been telling you to stop beating yourself up, and here you are, speaking in the 3rd person.

Okay, so last night I did a gig and it was fun. I was a little bummed by how I looked because I hadn't gone to the gym and ate an apple AND a pear so my stupid lady brain told me that I felt fat. Well, Bobbie took a picture of us on stage and of course I'm making one of my signature goofy-ass faces. I always feel fat at shows because wah wah wah, so I'm trying to reprogram myself to stop being so critical. After all, I kill myself in the gym enough that I think I'm entitled to a little bit of pride. So today, before the massacre (and this is after having slept only 5 hours last night...) I checked myself out in the mirror and decided that I wasn't a total loss after all. Maybe sometimes, it's just an unflattering photo because you're at a weird angle and you're making a stupid face.

Maybe I just need to get a new shirt that fits me better. Seriously, I've been wearing that red shirt for at least 5 years, now. I can afford a new shirt from Walmart.

Anyway, I took a picture of myself in the gym because that's where I always feel like I'm at my best. I'm trying really hard not to be critical of myself, and I just had to stop myself from writing another complaint. So I'm just gonna put up this picture of myself, before my workout, when I thought, "You know what? Not bad."

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Wishing on a star said...

I wish I was a fat as you :(

You look great!