Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Woah there.

Haven't updated in a while. I've been lazy.

Anyhoo, I've restarted Atkins, AGAIN. I officially went back on Induction January 2nd, due to a New Years fiasco that ended with me eating lots of bread and chips. Well it's my own fault for buying those things for the party. For my birthday in a few days, it'll be nothing but Atkins friendly food!

Now, during my last doctor's visit in the Fall, she weighed me in at 141 or something similar. Since going on induction, MY scale says I'm currently 129. So, that's a pretty big deal, BUT I doubt my scale is telling the truth. So I'll just say it's water weight and continue on induction until next Tuesday. It's been going pretty well, as I have lots of snacks at home, and my roommates have stopped eating rice with every meal. I'd like to go with them to the gym, but I keep having things pop up. I've been doing 20 minutes of exersize in my office, though! Still pretty sore from all that...

Not much else to talk about, just yet. I'll try to update more often from now on.

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