Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You can do eet!

Well thanks to everyone who helped me out with my body image problem. I decided that yeah, I'm going to get down to 115, and if I'm still unhappy I will shut myself up with a burger.

Throughout my weight loss campaign though, I've seen a lot of weird crazy crap. I know a lot of people look at low carb dieting as something weird and insane. I mean, no bread?! No pasta?! No SUGAR??! How do you LIVE!? It's actually easier than it looks, especially after getting used to it. Eventually you accept the fact that you were addicted to crap that is very drug-like, and you start to enjoy real food. Stuff that grows from the ground or stuff that was shot in the head. (I like my burgers bloody, mmmm..)

But then I constantly (through my boring day) surf the forums at Post Secret and see all these girls who had the same problem I did; they wanna lose weight, and they try all of the fad diets and the exersize and the low fat crap, which yes, does work for SOME people, but not everyone. Low fat dieting might work for people who don't have issues with high ammounts of glucose in their blood.. but for people who are literally addicted to carbs and can't exersize? It's not going to do a thing. And people don't believe me when I tell them this. Or they complain and tell me it's too hard. Seriously, if you're fat and happy, be fat and happy. But don't complain that losing weight is too hard because if you want something, you need to work for it. Very few things in life come easy, especially something as drastic as changing one's own body. It's all about control. I'm not going to say, "some people have it; some people don't" because that is such a dick-ish thing to say. I think everyone is capable of control. All it takes is for them to realize that these things are not beyond their reach, and that they are just as capable of doing what they need to do as anyone else.

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