Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad tidings and then possibly good ones

So last Friday, I was let go from my job. Their reasons made absolutely no sense, especially considering how well I had been doing for the past month. I understand what happened, however. I've got chronic illness and for a job that requires me to be peppy and happy and energetic every single day, being sick makes me incapacitated. I missed one of my classes due to this. However, I think that my constant sickness was considered a liability, so they decided to let me go for reasons that sounded like they were being made up on the fly. For example, my "casual dress". And showing up for work late. Saying this to someone who has never been late to start a class, and who went out of her way to purchase a brand new work-wardrobe, is quite insulting.

But there's no need to get angry. The fact is, I've got a second interview tomorrow where I've been asked to bring in a CD of my latest work, as well as my portfolio. The lady I'm in contact with seems very interested in bringing me on, and finally, it is for the type of job I've always wanted. An art and animation job. I'd finally be an artist! Now, my first job was technically as an artist... but this is a better one!! I'm very excited about tomorrow, and I'll be sure to wake up extra early, and try to get in a morning run before heading out to meet them at 10AM.

This week I began my diet anew, because I've been heavily depressed for the past several months and was just eating whatever was convenient. Luckily I haven't gained any weight, but, I know I will if I continue down this road. Also, unhealthy food choices aren't going to help my future spouse, so I put us both on a diet. It's not a horrible diet, I promise. I'm not torturing the poor man (although he disagrees), but I am making every single one of our meals myself, regardless of how much this takes out of my day. It's a small price to pay for a thinner waist and peace of mind, and lemme tell you, peace of mind is hard to come by sometimes.

Studio recording is going very well, and I'm proud to announce that our EP should be done by January. WHEW. It has taken forever, but given our busy schedules, that's just how it is. I tend to finish one song per session, so I've done two out of the four songs we've recorded. I'm really excited about the product, it's seriously going to be beautiful.

Still doing lots of wedding planning, including finding a suitable reception venue. It's not as easy as it sounds when you're on a budget like ours, but, I have faith.

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The Stifled Artist said...

I saw a post of yours on pasta queen's blog and I liked it, it was about lay offs. I just got laid off with no warning on friday because "I wasn't the right fit" all of a sudden. Truth of the matter was, they were making cut backs. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good thing, but it's really disappointing to be on the receiving end, to suddenly be treated as if you're a commodity, and not a person.

Good luck to you.