Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A change in plans...

For the past five months, I've been planning a wedding. My dream was to get married at St. Matthew's Cathedral, and to have a nice reception at a hotel closeby. On Sunday, Willy and I came to a conclusion that would ultimately result in the wedding of my dreams. I was happy for all of 24 hours.

Yesterday, my dreams came crashing down when I was notified that my roommates were suddenly moving out. Apparently, her company is moving to Maryland, and she needs the job so she will follow them. She and her boyfriend (who has lived with us for over a year, for free) will probably move to his mom's house or some such deal. This all came conveniently as the month ended, when they promised they would have a car. They have been carless for over a year, requiring Willy and myself to drive them every morning around 6 AM, and for Willy to spend late hours at work waiting to pick them up.

So all of a sudden, they're moving out. This means that unless we can find a roommate to take their place, we'll have to move to a smaller apartment. Breaking the lease and putting a deposit on another apartment means $400 extra from us, plus, more money towards rent. We'll be able to afford a studio apartment, but we won't be getting cable, and I'm going to try braving the cold by wearing more layers so we don't use too much heat. All of this while I'm trying to plan our wedding.

Last night I decided that I might as well change our plans. Instead of the big wedding of my dreams, I'm going to ask Father Joe if we can get married at his church instead, Holy Family. It's an adorable little church in Maryland, and it has a reception hall. Probably out 100 guests will fill the place out completely. Well, that's honestly not so bad. We visited Father Joe in August, and it was absolutely beautiful there. Since our wedding is in July, I'm hoping that it will be a pretty day, with bright sunshine and no clouds. I'm hoping.

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