Saturday, June 12, 2010

'cuz I'm proud to be an American...

It was a beautiful day in South Africa. David Beckham, in all his arrogance, walked the sidelines like a caged tiger in his designer three piece suit. Six thousand Americans and five thousand English were in the stands, with South Africans, and other fans from all over the world. The whistle blew. No less than six minutes in, England scored a goal that left me clutching the dashboard of Willy's car screaming "Nooooo!!!" English players launched themselves at the ball like human torpedoes. Shirts were pulled, legs were scarred, blood was drawn.

And then...

Yes, I know. The goal slipped through his fingers.. but you know what? We kept them at bay. The mighty England, with it's world class athletes, with the great Rooney, with all their cockey attitude, could not get past our defense. Despite the fact that our defensive line is slightly shaky due to injuries, despite the fact that we're ranked #15 and they're ranked #3, we held them off.

So America, here's to you. It's a real freaking shame that more Americans don't take pride in a team that went from being considered the worst, to fending off the best. Now.. if they can get through the rest of these games with a bit more aggression, I will be pleased.

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