Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Jumbling Crap

So I just shot back a 5-Hour, and I'm feeling slightly more awake than before. Slightly. See, I went to sleep around 11:30 last night, after a night of paper work and reading old comics. Willy and I might be getting a condo, and it's really exciting, but HOLY SHIT do we have a lot to do. Apparently it's harder for people who are poor to buy things. Go figure! Technically, we're not POOR.. we're just not that well off, so we need to get an FHA loan, which takes a lot of work and like, 10 people to pull off.

We put in a bid for a short-sale place that's been on the market for nearly half a year, so we're hoping they'll think we're a nice young couple and say "aw, lets let them have it. They're so cute!" or something to that effect. We'll have to replace the carpet and fix up the bathroom, but it's a nice place. It even has a 2nd bedroom so that I can have my Blood Study/accidental pregnancy back-up room.

Eating wise, I've been clean for the past week. Last night I was slightly bad and had a few boneless wings at Applebees, but all in all I kept it around 30 carbs for the whole day, so I was still good. Dinner was steak and broccoli. I've been asked not to eat anymore rare meat by my darling husband, until we get some health insurance. It's going to be a struggle for me, since I hate meat that's been cooked too much... but anything to give him peace of mind, I'll do gladly. But oh man, that steak was good.

I'm having some trouble eating due to (TMI AHEEEEAAAAD!) side-effects with my birth control. I take it to regulate my hormones, so when it backfires and instead gives me "lady times" for a month straight, I get very annoyed. And nauseous. My calories haven't been good for the past few days, and it's slowing down my metabolism. I know this, because I'm less hungry, despite not eating more than a thousand calories per day. I'm trying to eat more, but I'm limited in what I'm comfortable with eating and the nausea is bugging me.

Oh food, I hate you so much.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spreading the word of DEFENDOR

So I don't know if anyone has talked about this film yet, but I just bought it and watched it tonight. Defendor came out some time last year, got hardly any marketing, and basically disappeared for a bit before going to DVD. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a straight to DVD film, but people, it is the BEST movie I have seen this year, and last. Here's a summary from IMDB:

A comedy centered around three characters: an everyday guy who comes to believe he's a superhero, his psychiatrist, and the teenager he befriends.

Okay, this was NOT a comedy. Did it have a funny premise? Sure. But the movie in itself was, while it had some really funny lines, not pure comedy.

Anyone who likes movies with superheroes, good acting, good story, and real emotion, will like this film. I can not stress enough what an amazing actor Woody Harrelson is. If you saw Zombieland, 7 Pounds, or any of his other films, you will recognize the diversity in his characters.

I want this movie to get it's justice. It deserved awards, recognition, all that other crap that other movies get when they have lots of money pushing it. It didn't get anything, but I hope it will be recognized by people who can appreciate real value and talent by actors and film-makers.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, I can say this about working with A Sound of Thunder.. it's hella-easy to get gigs! We're opening for Primal Fear in a few weeks, and thankfully, aren't going on first! Hahaha.. I love it.

For those of you unfamiliar with Primal Fear, here is a bit of them. 80's metal type people will probably like their classic metal sound and clean vocals.

This should be a good night. If you're in the DC area on May 21st, I highly recommend coming down to Springfield, VA for a good night of metal and boozing.

Also, the 'Thunder has a new MySpace page up! Go check it out for awesomeness.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How lame of me!

Sorry I haven't been updating the ole' blog yet, folks.. been super busy! I'm helping out with Flight of the Valkyries (female fronted metal band festival), and my band is getting gig after gig... we'll be opening for Primal Fear in a few weeks! Ha!

Through all the stress, I'm trying hard to eat right, but it's been a struggle of feeling guilty over eating/not eating. Every time I eat a full meal, I feel sick. Every time I don't, I feel sick. It's a lose/lose situation, so I'm working on it.

Today I got a slight break from the madness. Willy is at work so I got to work on my little herb garden, and do the various chores that needed doing.. like go to the bank, buy new jeans, ect.. I am so thankful that for once, I have some time to myself.

Here are my herbs!!

From left to right, I have sweet bay, mint, lavender, Italian basil, Rosemary, cilantro, and Thai basil.

Thai basil is awesome, guys. Totally makes me crave green curry!