Thursday, July 19, 2012


First off, let me begin this post by saying how much I hate rain. Yes, I understand that we need it for food and water, blah blah blah.. but in my opinion, I should live in a place where it rains maybe once a year, and food/water are shipped. I was caught in a storm, yesterday. With my trusty umbrella shielding perhaps 5% of me from the SIDEWAYS RAIN, I managed to make it to the Metro thoroughly soaked. I called Josh and requested some dry clothes, and was presented with a Captain America t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants covered in dog hair. Well, beggers can't be choosy, can they? I wore them both and felt like a middle-aged mom of two who has given up on herself. But hey, at least I had an excuse to go braless, amirite??

We did some scratch tracks on a few songs, so it was a good afternoon. I managed to kinda sorta get through a song I've really not practiced on, and we got some ideas for how it will go. I'll be honest, this is how we do songs I didn't help write. I'm thrown in the studio with lyrics that have probably just been finished a day ago and asked to come up with something on the fly. I'm not bad at coming up with something on the fly, but thankfully I have time to come up with something better later. However, I gotta tell you people, I hate not helping with songs. I hate not being there during the process. It makes me feel slightly useless. I understand that a few songs were written before I was even in the band, but ugh. It's an annoying feeling. Luckily we're running out of those, so eventually it will all be music we've written together. Considering how quickly we keep jamming ourselves in the studio, that should happen sooner than later. Album #3? No problem. We've already got more than half of album #4 already planned out and written, plus a single we're releasing before the album comes out. This is the problem with people who have a lot of creativity and time. Well, maybe that's just Josh's problem. I wish I had the time to write so much! At least I have time to write lyrics, thank goodness. I love writing lyrics. I love telling stories, putting my audience in a mind-set, really expressing how I feel or how a character I've invented might feel. The magic of music, the magic of words, the magic of.. magic. Maaaaaagic.

Tomorrow, I'll be going with friends to see The Dark Knight Rises. I can't express how little I give a fuck for this movie. I am actually a huge DC Comics fan. Batman is definitely a favorite, but I think I love his cast of characters more than him. The entire reason I've been hating these Nolan films is that I've seen characters I love get re-written. Not just as completely different personality-wise, but uh.. white. And sexy looking. I get it, Nolan likes British actors, but come on. Ras al Ghul... Bane... Scarecrow... all of them were re-designed to look white and handsome. Scarecrow was always white, yes, but sexy?? No. Come on. You're taking away a huge part of his character and what makes him tick by making Scarecrow a sexy dude. But people eat these movies up, and I'm just left with my comic books. What-evs. I'll go see this pile of boring and probably at least enjoy spending time with friends, but I will never ever say that Heath Ledger was "the best Joker ever". He wasn't. Nobody can beat Mark Hamill in that department. No one. e_e

(Yes, I know it's not Mark Hamill.. but a girl can dream!)

Iiiin other news, I'm still working on this diet thing. Currently, my calories are between 1200-1500 daily, usually on the lower side. I'm getting all my nutrients and junk, I have more energy, and aside from the soreness I've got all over from the kettle bell workouts, I feel great! However, I still have not lost any weight, and it's annoying the crap out of me. Yes yes, I know, measure inches, not weight.. might be putting on muscle, blah blah blah.. but I wanna lose weight, damn it. It's frustrating when you do all the right things and you don't notice any changes. Besides health, anyway... /eyeroll I supposed that I should be thankful for that, but I don't wanna. I'm gonna whine, now. Whine whine whine.

That's enough whining for today!

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