Tuesday, January 8, 2013

M is for Masochist

Look at it.. isn't it beautiful?
WTF is wrong with me? I don't know, but I'm willing to bet I've got terrible masochistic tendancies. Case in point, I was looking up the origins of lox and bagels when I came accross this blog (What Jew Wanna Eat?) and found myself bombarded with pictures and recipes for beautiful challah breads and stuff that I can't eat because it's teeeeerrible for me. Yet, here I am, looking at these beautiful photos and thinking, "Oh man.. I would bake the hell out of you." Now, the problem with this is that it's very
 very difficult for me to have these kinds of things around, so I prefer to just avoid them. In real life, anyway. On the internet, I can look at recipes and food blogs! It's like porn! Seriously! Just like porn! But in real life, I'm drinking so much green tea that my pee is starting to smell like a PF Changs. I'm eating all these vegetables and salads and thinking, "Yeah, you eat that salad."

Man, I've got to be the most boring person ever.

Oh meat, how I love you!
In non-food related news, I'm going back into the studio today to do some last minute tweaks to a super secret track I'm gonna be on. You will find out why, later! It's gonna be awesome, don't worry. This Thursday we'll be practicing like normal, then on Friday it's fuckin' Texas De Brazil for my birthday dinner with Willy!! Well, that's food related, but I don't care. Every year, they send me a "Free Meal!! (With purchase of 1 regular meal.)" coupon, which is actually pretty great because eating there is $49.99. So basically, we both get all-you-can-eat AMAZING OMG MEAT (and salad bar) for $25 each, if we just drink water and no dessert. We usually tend to splurge and buy a bottle of wine, but I think I'm gonna keep it cheap this time so we can splurge on MY BIRTHDAY PARTY THE NEXT DAY instead. This year is the first year I have my birthday party at a bar. Usually, we throw parties at our place, but it's annoying that our space is too small to accommodate all of my friends and we always have to watch our loudness because of our neighbors (DRAMATIC EYEROLL) so this year I'm taking over The Alchemy Room at Empire. I'm already working on my outfit, so prepare for lots of fun party pictures!

And now, it's back to my green tea. Here's hoping it will keep my Diet Coke addiction at bay.

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