Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Idiots of the world...

So I was checking out my bank account today, and noticed I had $-950.


Wait, $-950?!

Looked at my withdrawls and noticed a check from my apartment complex for $1,250. Holy shit, what?! I never wrote a check for that!

I called their asses up and got the lady who works the desk. Said, hey, I never wrote a check for $1,250. She looks for it and says, "I have it here." So I ask, "Does it SAY in my handwriting $1,250?"

"..oh, I see. It was for $125."



It SAYS in VERY NICE HANDWRITING: "one hundred and twenty five..."

How can you MISS that!? Holy shit, lady! How can you be allowed to handle money?! I almost had a heart attack!

It's getting fixed now.. but seriously WHAT THE HELL.

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