Friday, January 16, 2009

A week of clean eating!

So, last weekend Willy got some bad news from his doctor. A few high scores in bad cholesterol and things of that nature. Doctor's advice? Mor exersize, healthier food, ect. While I wasn't happy that he was on the verge of becoming rather unhealthy, I -was- happy with the fact that his own doctor has told him he has to start eating better. Which means he's actually taking my advice and eating the foods I tell him to eat and restricting on bad things! I am so glad, because it's easier for me to eat well when he does too. Now that it's just the two of us living together, the only food that comes in and out is food we say is okay. Now that I'm kind of in charge of the kitchen, I get to take responsibility.

It's harder than it looks. He misses his soda and his junk food, and I miss bread. Things are easier for Willy because, as an average height white male, it won't be hard for him to get his health on track. I've been fixing him all of his meals (which he likes!) and they have been relitively normal. Like, a sandwich on whole weat double fiber bread.. chicken and vegetables for dinner.. things like that. For me, I can't do bread, so it's harder. I eat breakfast, and he doesn't. Those things are kind of a challenge, but you know they're good challenges.

Also, he's coming with me to the gym lately. That is the best.

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