Monday, July 7, 2008

The best opera ever

Okay, so I was talking to my roommate in the car this morning, and we were discussing the best opera ever. Or rather, I was telling her about my dream opera. My dream opera would be a movie, because you can do a lot with film that you can't do on stage. In said dream opera, I would play the title role, and the other roles would be held by the most influential vocalists and producers I've known. So the casting would go something like...

Carmen by Georges Bizet
Directed by Guillermo DelToro


Carmen, A Gypsy Girl: Nina Osegueda (Reasons: I'm Spanish, I'm a mezzo soprano/alto, and.. come on. It's me.)

Don José, Corporal of Dragons: Fabio Lione (Reasons: Fabio Lione is an amazing classical vocalist. He's Italian, so opera is natural to him. Having heard him in Rhapsody of Fire, plus his solo projects, I am so impressed and turned on by his voice that I think he'd make the sexiest Corporal of Dragons EVER. Plus, I mean, 50% of his songs involve dragons.)

Escamillo, Toreador: Gackt (Reasons: Okay, it's Gackt. He gets to play a role where everyone loves him.. plus, wear sequins. I can imagine the conversation with the casting director;

Casting Director: So in the role of Escamillo, you will play a toreador who is beloved by all.
Gackt: And do I get to wear sequins? And tight pants?
Casting Director: As a matter of fact, both are required for this role.
Gackt: *tents fingers* This is acceptable.)

So there you have it. My dream opera. The other roles aren't really that important (STFU Micaëla..) and despite the fact that this will never happen, a woman can dream. And plot. Because hey, if my band makes it big, who knows? The sky is the limit! Shit, maybe I can ask Don Murphy to be the producer, so our budget will be as big or equal to the ammount of ego this cast would have..

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