Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Do I leave my class and grab lunch, wasting 20 minutes of my precious hour long lunch break on food? Or do I sit here and study for the next 4 hours that I have to suffer through? Well not suffer, but stretching time while trying to be entertaining/friendly is harder than it sounds..

Anyway, yeah. That's the question. Another question is on what do I do about my clothes. I went through a clothing crisis no less than two months ago when I realized that all of the clothes I wore to my last job were either too big, or too casual. So now that I have this new wardrobe I spent so much money on, I'm finding that the pants especially are too big. Like, ridiculously big. Those black pants I bought look like I'm going gangsta.

Last night, Willy looked down at my hip while I was laying down and pointed out my hip bone. "Don't lose anymore weight. I don't want to see that."

The guys on my bodybuilding forum over at tell me quite intelligently that my current calorie intake is "insane", to which I agree wholeheartedly. Even Pasta Queen thinks that people who eat 600 calories a day are crazy, and I hardly get to 600. The funny thing is, it's not a mental "If I do this I'll get skinny" thing, it's more like a... once I get home, I go online or take a nap, and then get so enveloped in my relax time that I forget to fix dinner. Or.. I'm too busy studying my next few topics during my lunch break to get food. Right now though, I -could- get food. So why don't I?

I'm not even sure.

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