Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally, an update!

So I've been gone for a while, and for this I apologize. I spent the this week teaching, and the week before that I was in South Carolina with my fiancé. Yup, you read me right! Willy has gone from being my boyfriend of 4.5 years to my fiancé. He proposed at a place called The Crab Shack in Myrtle Beach, which, despite it's name, was actually a rather lovely classy place. After he proposed with his mother's engagement ring, we both drank champagne. I kept one of the tiny bottles.

My ring is beautiful. It was half as much as he was going to spend on a ring, because the more expensive a ring is, the more the cram it with big diamonds. I have tiny hands, so big diamonds look awful. Besides that, all of the designs were very ugly. My ring is pretty and stylized, with a nice design on the sides so it looks beautiful from every angle, not just the top.

Right now, we're working on planning the wedding. And by "we" I mean "I". I don't mind or anything, wedding planning is turning out to be one of the most fun things I've ever done. I get to decide on what my bridesmaids wear, where we host the wedding and the reception, what we'll be eating, how we'll decorate, all that stuff. Then ask Willy if it's okay, which it usually ends up being. I plan on wearing a dress with red in it, and having my bridesmaids wear red, while the men wear black tuxes with orange vests. The theme of the wedding is warm colors. There will be bright reds and yellows and oranges everywhere. Wherever we host the reception, I have to make sure that they can make paella and good sangria. My band is going to play for the ceremony, so despite the fact that it will be in a HUGE Catholic church ( St. Matthews Cathedral ; where JFK had his funeral ), it will also have a little bit of us in it.

Sometimes I think about what it will be like to be married, and I get scared. This is going to tie me to someone else's life until we're both dead. I will never be able to date again. Then I think... I haven't dated in 4.5 years. Have I really missed it that much? And, would I be happy if I didn't have Willy?

The answer is no. The thought of not having him is one of the scariest thoughts I've ever had. We almost broke up once, and it nearly destroyed me.

So, I'm very happy that he wants me to be his wife. I plan on being one of those old couples who are still in love, even after years and years and years. I want him beside me, when my band makes it big, and to be a good daddy to my kids someday in the very very VERY distant future. I want him to be jealous when other men flirt with his hot-ass wife. And now, I get to actually plan for it.

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