Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, I'm married now. I decided to chicken out and went with the hyphen. I just couldn't abandon my last name.. sorry, people. I'm now Balvina Montserrat Osegueda-Austin. Hot.

The wedding was beautiful. My make-up artist, Jason Pike, was brilliant with his photos the night before. See, we spent the night before the wedding rehearsal at a gay karaoke bar where I got absolutely plastered.. But it all worked out, because it was a fabulous evening. I've discovered that Jason and Alen are two of the coolest people ever, and even my new in-laws want to know when they'll be back so that we can hang out together. Ha! Awesome. Jason did an amazing job on my make-up, and the hair-stylist over at Silver Immersion wasn't so bad either. The stylist was kind, polite, and did everything that we asked. She showed up on time, and the price was hella reasonable. I only hope I tipped enough!

I don't have many photos from the wedding yet, so consider this a little preview. A picture of myself, one of my bridesmaids Holland Gedney, and Jason at the reception. No worries, I'll have more photos later, along with more stories about the wedding!

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