Friday, July 17, 2009

Just.. one.. week...

It is not officially one week away from my wedding day. In one week, I'll be walking down the isle with the love of my life, my baby, my darling, my Willy. He's still as sweet as ever and I am extremely excited.

Of course, with that excitement comes nervousness too. I'm VERY nervous. I have butterflies. When I think about it, I know that I don't want anyone else. Any other man on this earth would pale in comparison to Willy's best features, and even when I see a cute guy I think "Oh, he's so cute.. but Willy's so much sweeter."

I can't talk to anyone the way I talk to him. There's no awkwardness. He -gets- me. It's amazing, yanno? He's my best friend, and the cutest guy I know. I adore him. Love love, gush gush.

On top of all the stuff I've said, he makes me feel pretty. Every single day. Not a day goes by that he doesn't openly leer at me, like a dirty old man, and make me feel wonderful. He's got the admiration of every pervert I've ever encountered, except, I actually love him so it's okay. It's welcomed! Feeling objectified by people I don't know is gross, but, being a pretty piece of ass to the guy who adores every facet of my being is fabulous. Man I love him.

Okay, love rant done. Next time I'll post something better. Tomorrow is my bachelorette party, so I have a feeling I'll have something to report...

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I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

Here' to perverts. I leer openly at my wife everytime she takes off her shirt. I can't help it. 16 years married!

Good luck! Sounds like you have a keeper.