Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So right now, I am really really really hungry. It's around 11:30, and I woke up an hour ago to do laundry. I'm caught in that "brunch" time frame, where I decide on whether to make late breakfast, or just lunch? But see, there's a catch.

I'm returning to my diet!

After all the cake, rich food, take-out, and celebratory burgers, I feel like this wedding has made me regain at least five pounds. Maybe I'm crazy. The scale doesn't agree with me, it says I'm still the same, but I feel terrible. And I still haven't reached the goal of 110lbs I set for myself a year ago. So I'm going back on my diet so that I can not only continue to be Willy's hot wife, but so that I can be an even hotter wife. I'm not so vain as to think that I'm really that hot at my current weight, but, these are his words. I want to be able to wear a swimsuit and not cringe someday, damn it. Plus I have a show approaching on September. Another huge show with Edguy that I had better look super hot for, know what I mean?

So I'm back to my old habits. Back when I lost the first 50lbs, I owed a lot of it to the support shown on an old (now dead) Atkins diet forum. The ladies there (and a few guys) were super nice and helpful. Nowadays, I'm hanging around this forum, which is, while nice, is crazy with all the subforums so I find it a little hard to gain any ground there. I visit every so often, but nothing will ever replace my old home.

So, enough of this, I think I'm gonna go make something to eat. I'm a little headache-y. Here's a picture to get my motivated.


Fat Daddy said...

Welcome back. I hope you can find a comfortable place in this little world we are bloggin in. I have found it so supportive to many various methods of weight loss.

And fun too in the midst of weight loss misery.

Nina said...

Amen, my man!!