Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I feel gre--, oh..

Well, the good news is that since I've been eating on-plan for the past few days, I've felt much better. And I have not weighed myself even once! I'm hoping I'll get a pleasant surprise when I do, so I'm saving it for next Saturday. Willy, unfortunately, went off plan on Sunday. He's back on track now, so I'm hoping I can help keep him there. My iron will must be strong to withstand both he an I's weaknesses.

Today is gonna be a rough day. I didn't get enough sleep, and I'm feeling it badly. I took a 5 Hour Energy, but it's not working at ALL. I feel dead at my computer. I guess you just can't replace sleep with caffeine.

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screwdestiny said...

Dude, I love 5 Hour Energy. It always works great for me...