Thursday, January 14, 2010

I was wrong!!

I ended up not getting to sleep until 11. x_x Tonight I've got band practice, which means I probably won't even be home until 11, let alone in bed.. and then I gotta get up at 4 for work, and after work, my birthday party! Did I mention that today is my birthday?


Friday night will be spent partying, but I still need to wake up at a decent hour to do some recording on Saturday morning for a song.. which means that I won't get a good night's sleep until... Saturday night. Oh boy. To top it all off, I'm having horrible stomach pains. All I had for dinner last night was pork and seukreuat, and this morning I had bacon and eggs with coffee and a big bottle of water, so I figured I'd be alright for the day. Oh, my poor retarded stomach. Here's hoping I'm not getting sick.

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screwdestiny said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun times.