Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry darlings, but there's nothing much to report. As far as eating goes, I had a slight relapse this weekend, but was back in the saddle by Monday. Since I'm only weighing myself on Saturdays, I'm hoping that I won't freak out, but we'll see. Willy got super sick on Sunday, and I had to take a sick day to care for him. Fortunately (or unfortunately) a co-worker had to call off today, which allowed me to take her hours, which were conveniently the same amount I lost on Monday. This means that I got to do a 12 hour shift, today. It also means I started at 4AM. Which means that I had to arrive by 3. Which means that I woke up at 1:30. Which means that I was in bed by 7. x_x

I'm gonna enjoy sleeping tonight, I tell ya what.. a 9PM bedtime doesn't seem so crazy when compared to one at 7.

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