Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not gonna be easy...

So I'm trying to figure something out. If Willy wants to diet, why does he place the blame on not getting to eat junk food on me?? He seems incapable of eating out unless it's junk food. He can't compromise. If I suggest going to a steak house, he'll tell me that he is going to break his diet. Never mind the fact that it's perfectly easy to eat a steak, veg, salad, soup, all sorts of things on our diet. No, eating out = junk food. So I've got to make dinner. Every night.

Now, I don't mind making dinner.. but after a long ass drive from Pennsylvania, I kinda wanted a break. Nope. Had to run to the store to buy broccoli.

So lemme tell ya what happened today! Willy and I needed to go to VA to turn in our last bill for the old apartment. On the way, we were invited by his younger brother to visit one of the cousins at he and his wife's house. In Pennsylvania. Now, I don't mind driving that far, but the fact is, we drove from VA, through MD, to PA, and then found out.. once we got there... that they had dogs. Once we discovered this, Willy went livid and we didn't even go inside. We just left. Why? I AM DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO DOGS. Everyone knows this!! I tell people this whenever they discuss getting a puppy. They have SEEN me while sick! Whenever I am near any type of dog, I get a hacking cough, runny nose, itchy eyes, and severe asthma. Even more severe since I don't have Advair. I am nasty sick for at least a day, sometimes two. Even if I take a shower.

So even when Willy explained this, his brother gets mad. Like it's our fault for leaving!? Why the fuck didn't you tell us he had a dog before we drove through three states?! I feel so hurt. Nobody seems to understand, except my own husband. We just wasted 4 hours of our Saturday in transit to a place we couldn't even visit. Thanks a gaddamn lot, what a Saturday.

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screwdestiny said...

Wow. That's really crappy. I'm sorry. And you should tell Willy that if he insists on never going out to eat, then he should cook some of the time, too, like when you're really tired and just don't want to do it. It's not fair that you have to cook ALL the time just because he refuses to go out and eat healthy.