Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day - Courtesy of your DC tour guide

Well, ladies and gentleman, I have to apologize for not updating for the past few days. Why? Valentines Day run-off. Willy and I did it good, this year.. REAL good. Like, sitcom-family good. We got a room at Capitol Hill Suites, which I highly recommend to anyone visiting the DC area. It was very inexpensive (a little over $100 a night), and it was insanely convenient. One block away from the Capitol South Metro station (yes, we braved Metro!), it was such a short walk that once we spotted it we were like, "..awesome!" 'cuz, yanno, walking in the snow sucks. The lobby was gorgeous and the interior very modern.When we got to our suite, we were welcomed by a trail of rose petals that led us from a very beautiful and spacious living room (with a mini kitchen, fridge, and high-def TV), to a king sized bed in the bedroom. The bed had a heart drawn in rose petals and some chocolates arranged in the center. It was adorable! Very comfortable bed, too. There was yet another high-def TV in the bedroom, so we were exceptionally lazy. The bathroom was very clean, and I have to say guys, the entire room was gorgeous. I almost forgot we were away on a romantic weekend because I was ready to call over my goons and have a hotel room party.

After we got settled in, Willy and I took a walk to this place that came highly recommended; The Good Stuff Eatery. This place is famous for it's burgers, and won an award from Rachel Ray. When we got there, it looked very busy, albeit a definite "hole in the wall" style place. We shelled out a good $24 + for two burgers, one thing of fries, and two sodas. Lets just say, we were less than impressed. Don't be fooled by this place's "old timey" vibe. The food was good, but the burgers were half the size of a Five Guys burger, and cost just as much. I know we're a nation of "bigger is better", but really, this felt like a rip-off. I noticed a lot of trendy jack-holes were congregating there, so that's a tip off for the future; do not buy pricey burgers at a joint where 95% of the crowd is college kids wearing South Pole and Ugs. So yeah, visitors to DC, lemme save you the trip and just recommend going to Five Guys. I know it's gone corporate and no longer has that "hole in the wall" feel, but it's the samn gaddamn thing, the burgers and fries are great, and it's cheaper than paying out the ass for some trendy burger the size of a child's fist. Also, Five Guys is surprisingly less greasy. I kinda felt like I was drinking that burger. (Mmmm delicious..)

After that piece of crap, Willy and I returned to the hotel for a nap. We woke up around 7 for our 10 PM reservation at an awesome place called Sonoma. Since we had time to kill, we got a few beers at this cute little bar called the Hawk n' Dove. Great bar, I definitely suggest a visit if you've got time to kill near Capitol South. Friendly bartender, quiet atmosphere, and they had Woodchuck on tap! We watched a little bit of the Olympics, hung out with a cool dude who's family was also Catalan (small world!), and eventually made our way to Sonoma. Lemme make this clear though, guys.. this was all on one block. One strip full of great bars and places to go. I love my city!!

Anyhow, we made it to Sonoma and dropped a good $200 on dinner and wine. It was ridiculously good. I had grilled calamari, lamb, and goat cheese cheesecake for dessert. The wine was deliciously paired, and by the end of the night, I can definitely say that we burned off the excess calories. I'm not sorry I broke my diet for this weekend, because it was a very un-every day thing. We didn't over-eat, or overindulge. I think the worst thing about this weekend was the amount of money that was spent (I dread searching my bank account..) because yesterday was spent shopping for items we'll be using next weekend; during our Barbarian Party.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.. our Barbarian Party. I look forward to reporting!


screwdestiny said...

Aw, I'm glad you had such a great Valentine's Day. And I don't think I could ever spend $24 on two small burgers, fries, and soda. That's ridiculous.

Fat Daddy said...

How fun! I have stayed in the Capitol Hill Suites on a biz trip, and also been in the Hawk and Dove. Your post was like being back there.