Friday, February 5, 2010


Apparently, we're gonna have a big snow day today. I say "apparently", because while the rest of DC is closing down EVERYTHING and people are stockpiling for the next 5 days, the federal government has decided that closing 4 hours early would suffice.

Which means that, as a government contractor, I'm here for my full 8 hours.

Which means I'll have to find a way to get home during the SNOWMAGEDDON.

DC doesn't do well in snow, people. Especially not snow that's more than 3 feet. This year may end up being the year with the most snow our nation's capital has ever had, so you can tell we're a little unprepared. In fact, MDOT (Maryland Dept. of Transportation) has already used up it's budget. ALL OF IT. I believe VDOT (Virginia ect.) has as well. Fortunately, my dad is a contractor for VDOT, and works specifically with the plows and snow equipment, so this should be a good year for his income. We always pray for lots of snow because it means lots of money.

I still pray for lots of snow, despite the inconvenience. I just kinda wonder if I'm gonna have an issue getting home, tonight. I drive a low-rider sports car that is NO GOOD in the snow, and Willy drives a little Honda Fit. The 5 stations leading to my metro stop are above-ground, so if they shut down their above-ground stations, I will not be able to get close to home. Either home, in fact. My parents' house is near an above-grund station, so even if I asked one of them to pick me up, it couldn't happen. Closest thing to them is RFK Stadium, and by the time I'm done with work today, it will have been snowing for six hours.

I'm not worried, just a little sad. I wish the federal government had just called the day off, because then everyone could have stayed home safe. Instead, they screwed me over.

And I can't even use a sled dog team. I'm allergic to dogs.

Oh! An addition.. as it turns out, one of my uncles has a blog! Imagine that!

Josep Gironès Descarrega

Unfortunately, it's not en English, so you guys won't get to discover all of my family's steamy gossip.. unless you translate it online like I did, and learn that he writes mostly about nature and local history. My uncle's a published author, and I kinda wish I did speak their language so I could appreciate it. As an avid reader (AKA nerd) the idea of having an author for an uncle is very inspirational. It really makes me want to finish that book.

Oh, and my comic book.

Oh, and my evil restaraunt.

Oh, and my..... you get the idea.

Anyway, since Vicky here is translating.. I'm gonna have to keep it clean. HA! Just kidding. God knows how long that would last.. but hey, can ya see the resemblance?

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thanks godness someone speaks English in the "Spanish family" and can thank your comments!

I will translate everything to them!

Kind regards to everyone!