Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mysterious Ways..

I tell ya what, god sure is mysterious.

For Lent this year, I gave up something that I needed real help with; spending money. I kept spending money during the week on books, drinks, random things that I just felt I had to have. It hasn't gotten me in trouble, but it hasn't gotten me any closer to my goal of owning a house. So this year I decided that what I really need to give up is spending money throughout the week.

First week went by alright, but after that I slipped up. I kept forgetting to pack a lunch, or, forgetting to bring water. I'd start feeling sick and buy something. I had no discipline. Well last night, I had discipline forced on me.

After a frantic search throughout my house, I was convinced that I had lost my wallet. Inside, I had two bank cards, a credit card, my Victorias Secret card, credit card, license, ect. So I had to plan on spending the next week without my magic money cards, which involved Willy giving me cash for Metro and Metro only. Plus, cancelling all my cards.

I arrived at work more than a little stressed and exhausted. Prepared for the day, I looked through my purse one more time... and there he was.

Let me stress that I tore that purse apart. THREE TIMES. It's as if my wallet suddenly materialized in my purse, but with three cancelled cards and no way for me to spend money over the week. Just the sort of help I needed, it seems, to put a hold on my spending.

Thanks god. I appreciate it.


Geosomin said...

I think the gremlins I had in my house that hid a few important things from me in plain sight have left and gone to visit you.

Maybe I can bribe them back with some cheetos...

Nina said...

Damn those gremlins!!

screwdestiny said...

It's nice when God lends us a hand when we really need it. And I think giving up spending money is definitely a good thing.