Monday, March 1, 2010

A night of ADVENTURE!

Every so often, I enjoy having random adventures with my goons. Today, I was scheduled to work from 12AM to 12PM, which meant that I'd need to somehow sleep through Sunday in order to stay up all night for work. My brilliant plan? Stay out all Saturday!!

It all started at around 5:00 PM, at Jaxx. My buddy Josh and I hung out at the famous dive bar in Springfield VA, notoritious for it's metal reputation, despite the fact that it's somehow trying to become a more mainstream venue. (Lame.) We watched a new up and coming band that reminded me a lot of Dethklok, and they actually recognized me as the lead singer of Blood Corps! Quite a few people recognized me, in fact. It was pretty awesome. They all really got a kick out of my performance with A Sound of Thunder, so Josh and I (who plays guitar for ASOT) were pretty proud.

We travelled far from Jaxx, to the mystical land of Alexandria VA, in search of late-night munchies for our drug-like junk food craving; pupusas. For those of you who do not know, pupusas are a Salvadorian food near and dear to my heart. They are made of corn meal, and full of pork and cheese, flattened like tortillas. They're eaten with pickled cabbage and tomato sauce. I love them. Hard. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the place was closing.. so I had to deal with Salvadorian style tacos, instead. Which were AMAZING, by the way. If you're ever in Arlington and want cheap (and good!) food, I recommend going to El Charrito.

After El Charrito, we continued our adventure in one of my favorite areas of DC; Dupont Circle. Having a craving for bad karaoke, we went into a Japanese sushi and karaoke bar called Cafe Japone, where we drank $9 Sapporos and listened to 50 people sing simultaneously horrible. It was worth it for the drunken people.

After leaving Cafe Japone, we moved my car, and made our way toward my new favorite DC hot spot; Omega. Omega is a gay karaoke bar that I went to on the day before my wedding rehearsal, in July. I had such a good time that I figured I'd take Josh. Well lemme tell ya, it's a much different place on the weekend! There were five dudes on the bar, dancing in thongs. It was pretty great, lemme tell ya.. we got a few drinks and enjoyed the festivities, and I even put a dollar in this one dude's thigh-strap! Unfortunately, he kept trying to get my attention.. and me, being who I am, well I didn't want to insult him. So I giggled and said "thank you!" to all of his compliments.

Then he asked for my number. "Wait a sec!" my brains screamed. "This is wrong!!" and then I felt him press his sack to my face. And then he kissed me. Thankfully, Josh rescued me from the psuedo-gay, and we spent a few hours hanging out and watching the buff dudes gyrate.

At last call, he and I left for the nearby CVS so that he could buy some eye droppers to his eyeballs. Once they were sufficiently lubricated, we wandered about looking for a place to sober up. We managed to find a pizza joint somewhere along P street, but I've been scouring Google Maps for like, 20 minutes, and I can't for the life of me find it!! When we got there, at 4AM, it was swarmed with the drunk crowd. We sat down and ate some pizza, drank a couple diet cokes, and then left in search of coffee.

Around 4:30 AM we finally found a place for coffee, The DC Cafe, where we drank down black coffee in styrofoam cups and met a surprising amount of Persians. I think like, 90% of the people in there were Persian. They asked where I was from, and when I said "Spain", we got into a conversation about how Spain is a historically Muslim country. "Of course, we're proud of that!" I said, narrowly dodging that half our pride comes from the fact that we defeated them in battle and stole all of their palaces..

Then Josh made the mistake of saying he was Jewish, so I rescued him from an argument and, finally sober, we made our way home.

Yeah. I love this city.


screwdestiny said...

Sounds like a crazy night. So does Willy read this blog? Lol.

Nina said...

Haha, no.. but he knows of my ridiculous adventures.