Thursday, March 11, 2010

What de fook?

Someone posted an article in Facebook today, talking about this model from Victoria's Secret and how she's hella thin. I was all, "Well they all are.." but then I saw the picture. Apparently, she's standing next to two "plus sized" models.Woah, wait a second.. "plus sized"?! How the hell are those chicks plus sized?? I'm not gonna get all up in arms about the skinny chick.. I mean, if she's skinny, she's skinny, I don't care.. but those two girls beside her are apparently "plus sized" models for Victoria's Secret. Being a size 6, I can honestly say that I'm MUCH bigger than those girls. Of course, that's a today's version of a size 6, which might be more like a traditional size 10....... but either way!! How the hell are they plus sized!? That's fucking crazy! Fuck you, Victoria's Secret, and your ultra comfortable (and expensive) bras!! I'd boycott you if I knew where to buy better underwear... but unfortunately, you do make some really good shit.

Gaddamn it.

Anyhow, back to my day.. I'm pretty nauseous this morning, because tonight I have to have that inevitable meeting with Blood Corps. Basically, this is my "either you guys learn to treat me with respect, our I am OUT" meeting. I've been getting increasingly unhappy with having to deal with them lately, and last week's gig kinda put the icing on the cake. I was blamed for everything from our bass player being late, to our CDs being printed incorrectly. And then praised for my performance, once it was done.

I'm just really sick of it. I'm sick of them ignoring my suggestions, rolling their eyes, treating me like my opinions don't matter, and then throwing out anything I've ever created in favor of repetative riffs and "radio friendly" metal ideas. I have a feeling they'd be happier if they created a cover band, anyway.. can you believe that they played "Paranoid" as a sound check?? It was embarassing. I felt horrible. Not only is it the worst Black Sabbath song they ever wrote, but it was OUR SOUND CHECK!! It was a chance for people to get a glimpse of us before the show, and what do they do?? They play a cover. Someone else's music. I am so tired of being around people who are either incapable of writing good music, or just don't have the drive for it. Tonight, I'm gonna tell them how I feel. It's either gonna make, or break this band. But I can't take it, anymore.

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screwdestiny said...

You go girl! You don't need to take that crap.

And I think you must have a distorted body image. Because I am a size 6, too, and I'm definitely not bigger than those girls.