Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Crap

So, for the last few days, I've been suffering from severe nausea. And here I thought it was from eating badly! After having to leave from work early to see a doctor, I've discovered that it might be due to 2 things;

1. Not enough sugar intake.
2. Ovarian cysts.

Doctor said there were ketones in my urine. So while I'm like "Alright, ketosis! Losing weight!" he's like, "You're probably feeling sick because of a severe imbalance," which makes me very sad. I'm a huge proponent of living a low carb lifestyle, and by that, I mean that I feel SEVERE GUILT when I eat bread and anything with sugar.

So I thought to myself, self, what if we try South Beach? I looked it up, but I had dismissed this diet many times before because it always looked like an Atkins rip-off. I was absolutely right. It is a total Atkins rip-off, except that it's easier to follow, because it lets you eat beans and nuts during induction.

Now, while I have seen people lose weight on South Beach, I have never known anyone to lose it and keep it off. I have kept off most of the weight I've lost, but, I feel like I've gained about 5 pounds over the winter this year. My pants feel slightly tight at the stomach, and I'm terrified of gaining weight back. I don't have a scale because it's in storage, so I'm flying blind, but all I know is that I feel uncomfortable. So either I'm crazy, or I've gained back a few pounds. And now I'm learning that losing it the way I usually do will make me sick.

Gaddamn it all.


screwdestiny said...

So, I know you like doing low-carb, but if the doctor's telling you that it's *unhealthy* then you really need to figure something else out. I don't understand low carb dieting. I understand not having refined sugar and white bread, sure. We went for centuries without that crap and we certainly don't need it now. But we do need carbs to function, especially if you're active. So take your doctor's advice, and incorporate the good kinds of carbs into your diet again so that you don't get sick. There are TONS of people who have lost weight while still eating complex carbs, so I'm sure you can too.

Fat Daddy said...

I have to agree. And there are certainly other ways to skin the cat. It just means you will have to break out of your comfort zone with the low carb thing and try some other approaches.

I sure understand not wanting to do that. Change, especially change that I am not sure will actually be a positive for me is scary.

Good luck finding a solution that works.

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