Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greek Yogurt and UK Distribution

Today, I ate Greek yogurt. In an effort to either fix myself or drive myself into a deep depression, I'm trying to eat normally. I had oatmal for breakfast, and brought yogurt and a sandwich for lunch. Dunno if I can bring myself to eat the sandwich, but I will try.

In other news, my band is now with Ravenheart Music! It's a small distribution group in the UK that specializes in female fronted rock and metal, and they will soon be distributing our music accross the pond. Hurray!! The show on Friday was amazing, by the way. With the exception of my singing terribly off-key due to my not being able to hear my guitarist for a certain song (AHHHHH.........!!!), everything else was awesome! We even made a valuable contact in the booking agent of Metal Mike, a very cool guy indeed.

And now, I leave you with the conversation I just had with my husband.

potatofoot: well, you got my attention, how can i help?

me: No idea!
Tell me something sexy.

potatofoot: i am at work, in an open room, with three people being able to watch my monitor

me: Hot.
What are you wearing?

1 comment:

Fat Daddy said...

That was a terribly sexy conversation I must say! Good luck with the normal eating. And congrats on the new label.