Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I think I thrive on stress.

I say this because as of right now, I'm a bit of a nervous mess. I've got a little bit more than a week until Metal Quest, and I'm stressed about a few things. I've made my lists and charts, but I'm always afraid something will slip past me! I've got a ton of things to do on the day of, like...

  • pass out flyers
  • pass out handbills
  • get beverages for bands
  • put together goodie bags for those who donated
  • make sure the programs get here on time (!!!!!)
  • make sure the bands go on, on time
  • actually PLAY THE SHOW

...alright, so that's not THAT much. Maybe I shouldn't be too stressed? The thing I'm really stressed about, to be honest with you, is attendance. I'm always worried that not enough people show up, and it is imperative that we have a decent crowd of people so that we can make enough at the door to cover the cost of having a venue. I'm not even trying to get paid, here. I just want to break even and make a few bucks to donate to the Hero Initiative.

But as it gets closer to the show, I get the inevitable "So I have some bad news..." from people who can't make the show. I can't tell you how heartbreaking that is, and scary. What if nobody shows? What if these bands have no crowd? I tried my best, but that's often not good enough. I've got to make sure this show is worthwhile, because I know what it's like to play a crappy show. Crappy shows suck. I do not want this to be a crappy show.

Please let this show be awesome so I can actually relax when it's done!

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Chey said...

Hey, you can only do so much by yourself.... BREATHE! :) You'll do great, and if others dont' help... well... that' son them then isn't it...