Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Days - 25K (Day 2)

DAY 2! My thighs are KILLING me... specifically, the muscles at the front. Very sore, hard to walk after today's 5k. I didn't have much energy and kind of had to force my way through the pain. I had a late start to my lunch and didn't start running until about 12:45, and I was dumb so I skipped breakfast. No breakfast, no lunch, running basically on water and a single cup of coffee, no fun. But I did it, because I knew I had to, and man-oh-man did I sweat. I was listening to King Diamond's "Voodoo", which was more or less inspiring. More, because it's great music, less, because it's a new album (for me) and I don't know most of the music so I was trying to pay attention while kicking my ass on that treadmill. It was an OKAY workout, but I didn't have time to lift weights so that's disappointing. I hope I'll get time, tomorrow. I don't like doing just cardio, but it's better than nothing.

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