Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?


And let me tell you why!

First, a disclaimer.

I have a few friends who are selling wraps. Some of them have suggested that I buy one. I'm not against people selling things (I'm a musician... lol), and I'll happily buy lotions and make-up and stuff like that from people. The only thing I absolutely refuse to buy is a wrap product, and it has nothing to do with my friends or that they're selling it. It has everything to do with me and my own brain and how it works whenever weight loss or anything like that is concerned.

Before I go on, I'm just gonna go ahead and write this with the assumption that maybe the wraps do work. If they do, and people buy them, that's great. Nothing against you guys. But even if they do work, for someone like me who has always had issues with my looks and my weight, the idea that I can pay 75$ + for a wrap that will take off maybe an inch sounds too good to be true. Even if it does work, the product is meant to be used a few times for the effects to last or improve, which means I'm stuck paying 75$ + to wrap myself. On the website, a single "Ultimate Body Applicator" costs $99. There is also a "Loyal Customer Price" of $59, which means if you buy more they cost less. 

For someone like me, who pinches every penny to go into the band, I just can't see myself paying that much money for a product that might take off an inch temporarily and then have to keep buying it. Even if it does work, all it does is remove a little bit of flesh from me, and that's all. Will a wrap improve my stamina? No. Will a wrap improve my health? No. More importantly, will a wrap improve my mental health? Absolutely not.  Like I said, I have problems when it comes to body image and the idea of a product that will melt inches off of me in exchange for wads of cash sounds so good I know for a fact that I would become addicted. Which, of course, is what fuels the entire sale of this product. Women who want to take off a few inches.

Why is the one on the left so sad!?
Again, nothing against ladies who buy or sell these things. If you can buy or sell one without and detrimental blows to your mental health, knock yourself out. But if I'm going to be addicted to something, it's not going to be a product. I want to be addicted to working out and eating right. I want to be addicted to a healthy body image, which is something else I see in the marketing involved with these body wraps; lots and lots of body shaming.

I understand that they're trying to sell a product that promises firmer toned bellies and thighs. And that's cool. But shaming people to get your point across isn't cool. A wrap isn't going to take someone from a size 20 to a size 2. I've seen some pretty terrible ads by people trying to sell wraps and I'm not cool with this sales tactic. It reminds me of how PETA tried to shame fat people into eating vegan by calling them "whales". I've lived a lifetime of feeling ashamed of my looks just to have people continue to shame us so they can sell us a beauty product. I don't mind as much when it's big companies run by assholes I can't talk to, but when it's friends? Or even friends of friends? That makes me sad. Not mad, sad.

And then there's all the "science" they say is behind these wraps. Come on. Really? You're putting down people who diet and exercise so you can sell a body wrap? I'm sorry, but there's no way to "cleanse" your body without eating a diet full of nutritionally rich food. Like vegetables. Do you want to "cleanse" yourself? EAT VEGETABLES AND DRINK WATER. And no, vegetable juice mixed with fruit juice doesn't count. In fact, drinking fruit juice might make you gain weight because of all the concentrated sugar! EAT. YOUR. VEGETABLES. I won't guarantee you'll look like Heidi Klum, but I will guarantee that you will feel better and live longer. A wrap can't promise that.

"Keeps the body naturally lean", because you're naturally supposed to wrap your body in plastic wrap.
So please, if you're selling wraps, I appreciate your business but I can't buy one. I have cellulite and yes, I hate it, but I can't afford to buy wraps. What I can do is continue to work out, because at least that way I'll be able to run longer and have better lung capacity. Maybe I'll never be able to wear shorts, but at least I'll be saving my money for things that will make me feel good about myself.

However, if you're selling some really good lotions, sign me up.

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New Body Wraps Seller said...

Definitely fair criticism of the recent body wraps trend. They can be expensive and overall increase in one's workout routines/eating habits definitely best for the long-term.

Should I come across any cool lotions though, I'll drop ya another comment right away!