Friday, June 27, 2008

It's true!

For anyone who is a Washington DC resident, I'm sure you've heard of Elliot in the Morning. DC's most popular radio show, it's dumb and bad and entertaining. Elliot Segel is a Jew from Canada, with a big mouth and a love of hockey. I was a guest on Elliot last year, and since then have remained infamous as Washington DC's Duchess of Dork. If there is a dorky subject? He calls me out. I'm on a level like.. Dirt Woman, lets say, who is an elderly black transvestite. I am proud to be infamous in this way. I am proud to be known as not just a dork... but the fucking Duchess of Dork. I proudly represent my people, and to those who say shit? They usually shut up when they find out the rest about me.

Now on this tangent, I'd like to note that I am in no way offended by being called nerd, dork, or geek. It's fantastic. I'm a software teacher, I'm an artist, and I've never been short on intelligent or relevant things to say. I study politics, I read the news, and I enjoy researching random topics in my off time. Simultaneously, I'm a role-playing cartoon-drawing metal singer who wears goggles. So, there's notmuch to be offended by. I know what I am. If someone thinks that they can upset me by calling me out on it, I'll laugh. Honestly, I don't think Elliot thinks he is offending me. He and Flounder (and the rest) found out first hand that I am easy to talk to, and very admitting of what it is I am. So why be offended?

I say... Washington DC, bring it on! I am your Duchess of Dork. I will host DnD parties, and LAN gatherings, and WoW raids, and -still- have time to draw, sing, and teach at my full-time job. If you wanna insult me for having such a colorful life? Then I truly pity you.

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