Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Que pasa?

This is what a man at in DC asked me, today. A crazy old dude who shouted it at me while I waited for the signal to cross the street. Why... why do even the crazy people feel the need to speak to me in broken Spanish? Am I supposed to titter and be flattered? If you're going to flirt like an asshole, at least do it like the guy at Caribou Coffee. He had a sexy Jamaican accent and said quietly, "You are so beautiful." See? Creepy, but at least he's not yelling at me.

Which brings me to question something. You see, I have always been pretty good at knowing if a man is flirting with me. If it barks, it's a dog, yanno? Yet I find myself questioning whether or not the weird vibe I get from this one person I know is him flirting, or just me being used to having to deal with jack-asses. Maybe he's just polite? Maybe he's just the touchy-feely kinda guy? I mean, is a guy putting his hand on my shoulder and gently rubbing it while looking deeply into my eyes flirting? Or just being a nice guy?

Or am I trying to be naive for the sake of wanting to not get a creepy vibe from him?

I'd like to think that a man in his 40's would understand that touching a girl tenderly and speaking sweetly KNOWS that it gives off a creepy vibe.. I mean come on, a guy in his 40's can't possibly be ignorant of what he's doing. It just doesn't make sense. So maybe he is flirting and being a douche. What do I do about it? I feel like I should stay quiet. It isn't hurting me that he flirts. The touchy feely thing, ehhh I can probably put an end to it. What I'm worried about is that someday it will get to a point where he things anything else is acceptable. And he's not the type of person I want to punch in the face, because he's kind of important.

It sucks being a chick. It really does.


felix j. bedingfield said...

All that *and* the vagina, huh?

Duchess of Dork said...

Hay shaddap! It's a small price to pay for an endless supply of beautiful dick.