Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last night's meeting..

So last night's meeting with our new producer went pretty well. Yes, it's a huge step, and yes, it's going to be a huge sacrifice on all of our parts. As hard as we work already, now we're going to have to work 10x more. It's more than a second job, now.

I'm in a class right now, prepping Photoshop CS3-Level 2. I'm grateful that I know most of the material, and really all I have to do is brush up on a few things to make sure I'm familliar enough with them to be able to teach it. No big deal. I'm actually excited about teaching Photoshop this Thursday and Friday. They're 2 day classes, and the big thing that I have to remember to do is STRETCH and EXTEND and give them more than what the course gives because honestly, it's only like... 6 lessons? In two days? Yeah.

Anyway, sitting in this class and listening to the Edguy CD I bought off of iTunes. It's their Theatre of Salvation album and I highly reccomend it, if you're a power metal fan. Basically, if you like 80's metal. Now the reason I'm listening to this, (besides my love of power metal), is because Blood Corps, my baby, my band, is opening for them in October. Them and Kamelot. This is a big deal. These bands are VERY big, in the power metal world. Despite the fact that power metal fans are few and far between... they do exist. And when power metal bands come, their fans come out in throngs, and it is SO WONDERFUL to be surrounded by fellow power metal fans.

People who appreciate beautiful vocals, talented instrumentalists, good harmonics? It makes me so happy. And to think that I'll be singing for these people? And they'll appreciate it? It makes me want to cry.

Also, the idea that I will get to meet Tobias Sammet, the lead singer of both Edguy and his project, Avantasia, it just blows my mind. Aventasia is one of those album series that influenced my voice. When I hear his wavering verbrattos, his high tones, they make me fucking SQUEAL. Willy is worried that I will squeal when I meet him, or Tony Kakko, the lead singer of Sonata Arctica, who we'll be opening for in August, and honestly? I'll have to try so hard not to. I'm supposed to be "one of them", now. And while I'm confident in my skills as a vocalist, and in my ability to sing with the best of them, it's just going to be so overwhelming to meet the men who made me want to do it in this style.

I can literally listen to them sing and have tears come from my eyes. There's something so magical about the way they sing. You can't say that about pop musicians. People don't sit and listen to Britney Spears and cry. Tobias Sammet has so much emotion in his voice. I can -feel- what he's singing. Like an opera singer, he puts his chest, his heart, into his vocals. I could go on all day about how much I adore this man and what he does, but there you go. It's out. I am in love with power metal vocals, and by all that is holy, by Odin, I swear that someday I will stand amongst them. A Valkyrie amongst Vikings.

Onward my brothers!!

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