Monday, June 23, 2008

Long day...

Came to work this morning only to discover that I went to the wrong office. ;;>_> So I rushed my ass to DC and got there JUST IN TIME. Taught half of my class and realized how horrible it really is to teach Dreamweaver with such little material to go off of. Therefore, 60% of the class is dedicated to my students making their own websites, and me lecturing on good web design.

Been playing Age of Conan recently, and it's a great game. Love it. It's not the best game and WoW's gameplay is honestly better, but, WoW is also a few years older and has had time to work the kinks out. So I have faith. Plus, the RP community is PHENOMENAL.

Not much else going on, except that the government decided to take my economic stimulus paycheck and put it towards me paying off the rest of my taxes... lol I don't mind THAT much, because I was gonna use it for that anyway, but still. ANYHOO...

Soon I will go on vacation. Soon. A week at the beach with Willy. OMFG I can't wait.

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