Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tonight's show

So tonight we're going on around 7:30. Not the best time. My mom gets off of work at 7, and she has my new goggles, so God willing, she and my dad will make it... but I don't know. Hopefully the show will run a bit late. I don't like going on this early, or without Skittles, but what can you do? This is our last show before the big ones in the fall, so it will give us time to write new music, prepare, and get SUPER FREAKING AWESOME by the time we open up for Sonata Arctica.

Willy is at work, today. He's at work just about every day, now. WAR is coming, which means he will work like a dog to make sure that his zones are perfect. You hear that, Warhammer fanboys?? I'm missing out on cuddle time for YOUR BENEFIT. Hope you're fucking happy.

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