Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 2

Yesterday wen't pretty well. Throughout the day I did feel hungry, but drinking coffee and tea curbed any pain I might have otherwise felt. When I did eat last night, I had to wrack my brain for acceptable things. Our fridge, I've come to realize, is about 70% animal products. Nothing wrong with this mind you, but it's pretty hard to make a meal of side dishes. So I did my best.

1 slice of double fiber wheat bread with 2 tablespoons of hummus
1 avocado
1 bowl of mixed baby vegetables (peas, carrots, snow peas, & baby corn)
1 cup of frozen strawberries

The weird thing about it is, on a plate, that's a lot of food. Plenty. Yet after eating it, while I could tell that I was full, my brain didn't signal that I was full. I could have kept eating. I was hoping that the fat from the avocado would help, but, I still had the urge to keep eating even after I knew that I was full. Funny how animal products do that, huh? My ancestors (Central American Natives) ate a LOT of fat. A LOT. And it kept them feeling good while they hunted and farmed. A diet with virtually no fat is not normal for someone of my built, so, I am feeling very hungry and strange, even with a full meal. I'm thinking this will probably pass as the days progress.

Tonight however, is band practice. That means I'll need to get some fish or something to eat tonight because it takes a ton of energy to scream and sing for three hours. Hopefully I'll find something appropriate and won't have to resort to the evils of fast food fish. Mostly because I'm pretty sure that there's egg in their breading. MAN this is tough.

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Davalian said...

Fast food fish is so bleck. That being said, if it's all you have available, at least it's edible. Yes, they do use egg in the batter for both McD and BK fish products.

Have a good time at Band tonight, and maybe impose a no Metallica fast on your band mates. :P

Keep up the good work hun, I'll be poking you daily.