Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 4

Well today shall be a full day.

I'll let you know right now, I will be sorta kinda breaking my fast. Sorta. See, Willy and I have to go tasting at a Mexican place that may do our wedding catering. I'm not going to eat entire meals, though, just tiny bites. I know god will forgive me, because he knows just how much hell I'm going through in planning this wedding. ;) But for any of you reading this, trust me, this will harm more than help. Because eating a tiny bit is going to start up my metabolism, and I will be in hunger pain for the rest of the day. *sigh*

This is the only time I will eat during the day during Lent. I won't be doing any more taste testing until after Easter. I swears. I also have to go and do some shopping this afternoon for makeup and clothes and ingredients for fake blood. Why? We have a photo shoot tomorrow, yaaay! So I need to dress accordingly.

I am also going to note right here that no, I do not expect to lose weight by fasting this way, and no, I really have not lost ANY weight. The only change I've noticed is an increase of pain during the day, and a less "heavy" feeling. I wonder if after another week of this, I'll see other differences? Giving up animal products is hard and strange.

Also expect the cable guy to come in and fix our cable problem. Somethings up with the splitter, and even after we replaced it, it still won't let us watch tv and be on the internet at the same time. Stupid Comcast.

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