Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dope show on April 16th

Well, my band will be opening for a band called dope on April 16th. I didn't capitalize dope because that's how they write it. That stuff always drives me crazy, but I respect their rights as artists.

I'm excited about this show because it will be our first show with the new line-up. Devon on bass will be a big change, but he's a good guy so I think it will be good. All of our songs will be originals, and I'm a LOT happier about our new material than I've ever been before. Often I had a few that I kind of sighed at, but it's getting closer to the point where I'm excited to sing every single song, and I think that's important for me, as a musician to do. To love every song, so that the audience does too.

I'm noticing a lot more people are interested in seeing this show, mostly because dope is a band they've heard of before. I have to say, after watching the music video for their song "Bitch", I don't personally care for them. They sing about themes that make me personally uncomfortable. You can watch it here. The lyrics that caught me were:

I want you
I hate you
The one I love I hate
But the sex is great

I'll let you all know right now; I will -never- sing about sex. Skull fucking? Sure, I did that honestly as a joke. I can't seriously sing a song about sex. Love I can do. I am especially a fan of unrequited love, twisted love, strange love. I haven't written a real love song yet, but I might. Sex, though? No. I have way too many hang-ups on the subject, it's too personal for me. I cringe at the thought. I clam up. It's something I don't want to do, and so, I won't. One of our guitarists had his dad come up once, and he gave me the idea for a song all about sex. I waited until he was gone to rage about it. I'm not a slut, and I'm not going to sing like one. Don't even try to get me to do it, because I won't, and that's final.

So for all of you guys who think it's all about "sex drugs and rock n' roll", sorry. I won't sing about sex, and I won't sing about drugs either.

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