Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 3

So I made a bit of a mistake, last night. Not really a big one. I didn't cheat or anything. I had a completely vegan meal, it's just that.. it feel like I overate a bit.

I took Willy to Hard Times (our favorite chili place) because they were giving away free bowls of chili with any purchase. So, I got a side of fries, and a bowl of vegetarian chili. It may SOUND strange, but it is actually "soy flakes cooked in a tomato base with fresh mushrooms, onions, green peppers, jalapenos & peanuts". So while it sounds weird, it's really seriously delicious. Total amount of calories? 260. Now those fries.. I have a love affair with French fries and vinegar. While dieting, this is the thing that I miss the most. I had some last night, which combined with the veggie chili, made me feel really full and guilty. Why? Because there were about 500 calories in those fries. Ughghghg...

Now ordinarily this isn't a big deal. I had a snack at my place before going to Hard Times, a slice of double fiber wheat bread and some hummus. So for the entire day, I had about 1000 calories. This wouldn't be BAD if it had been spread throughout the day. Unfortunately, all of those calories were consumed over about 2 hours. So my body is likely storing them as fat, right now. Because I'm a silly dumb girl who likes French fries.

Well no more of that. I refuse to gain weight during this fast. Tonight I'm going out for some beans, salmon, and other sea foods(no not breaded), so that I can have some nice healthy fats and protein at night when I eat. I don't want to become a "white vegetarian" and gain weight by eating starchy foods in place of meat. No way.

On the bright side, my stomach muscles are sore from last night's band practice. I actually get a pretty good stomach work out while singing during practice, because I keep my abs tight the whole time, and while singing, I'm still flexing them. So at the end of practice I'm fairly exhausted.

Day 3 should go much better than day 2. No more of day 2s antics, I tell ya.

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Davalian said...

We are far too similar. I ended up, even after telling you no fast food fish - getting just that. Friend of ours stopped by and brought dinner for everyone, we all have our traditional evil misgivings from Wendy's, and he brought me a homestyle chicken. Thankfully he had the fish sandwich, we swapped. I did however eat a whole thing of Wendy's Fries. T_T

How very odd that we both did the same thing. STOP COPYING ME. >.> I only had an apple before work, and now exist on coffee (1 so far) and water.