Monday, February 16, 2009

More band news!

So Blood Corps is moving pretty well, now. We've got another show on the 18th of April, in Baltimore. We've also got a gig at KCs Music Alley, but, it's in March! So we'll see if the rest of the band agrees to that one. Not only do we have three gigs lined up, but we've also got a music video to shoot! We'll be shooting it with Scott Hanson, a great guy who's worked with Willie Nelson. Talk about exciting!!

We're working on getting some merchandise, too. Right now we don't have anything but some white t-shirts with the Blood Corps logo. We're getting some new ones printed, hopefully in time for all of these shows. I'm thinking of getting the stickers myself, because we'll be needing them pretty badly and they're not very expensive. I just have to be careful since the wedding is coming, and well, you know how it is...

In other news, I'm back on the diet after a few days of holiday eating. It was Valentines Day and Willy took me to Fox Meadows for chocolate and wine tasting. Then on Sunday, we went to his parents' house to do taxes and they celebrated my birthday. It was very sweet. Gotta look good for these upcoming shows, though.. so no more eating badly for me, thanks. It'll be tuna and celery for a while!

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