Friday, February 20, 2009

Scapulae is a fun word!

I noticed last night that my shoulder bones, specifically the scapulae (shoulder blade), stick out really effing far. The only time I remember seeing this was with two girls on the swimteam who were stick thin and really tall. Here are the scalpulae:
I've never noticed this on myself, before. Maybe they've always done that and I was just too chubby to notice? I can also see my back muscles when I flex, for the first time. It's really cool to see the definition. I'm still pissed at how I store fat in my thighs and nearly nowhere else. I can see my ribs at all times, now, but I still have fat to lose in my thighs. So since it's impossible to "spot train" (it's a myth) I have to lose weight everywhere in order to lose it where I want it.

And no, there's no such thing as "you just need to tone". To "tone" would be to make the muscles visible. To do that, I'd need to lose fat. I hate it when people say that kind of stuff, because it's all crap. You can not "tone" without losing fat. Luckily, weight lifting is good for burning fat, and it doesn't make girls bulky like other rumors state. *eyeroll*

Anyhoo, I looked up stuff for "prominent scalpulae" and I came up with an answer from a medical text book. "Patients with prominent scalpulae may have an alar or pterygoid chest." So I looked up "pterygoid chest" and "alar chest", and what does it mean?

Alar chest --> flat chest

a chest in which the anteroposterior diameter is shorter than the average.

Synonym: alar chest, pterygoid chest.

Fuck you, doctors.

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