Monday, August 3, 2009

Dewin' gewd!

Been doing pretty good on the diet front, except I didn't get to drink much water today. We were out of bottled water at the nursery, so all I had to drink was the Diet Rock Star that I brought with me. I had a nice chicken salad for lunch, then beef and broccoli for dinner. All of it homemade, no artificial bad crap, ect. All of it was good stuff! Hopefully we'll have water, tomorrow.

I managed to read another Lisa See novel, today. Peony In Love is an awesome and kinda depressing book. I've got this thing for books about oppressed Chinese women, and I think this is the worst one. It's freaking DEPRESSING to see just how men thought of women back in the day, and, I'll be honest, in their religion, the afterlife really really sucks. Sucks hard. I won't go too much into it, but if you like depressing love stories and oppressed Chinese women, this one is for you!

You know I've gotta have a lot of time on my hands at the rate I go through these books...


Fat Daddy said...

Can't really say I'm into depressing books about chinese women.

For the first time, I noticed your pic on the top of this blog. Don't know why it took that long except I was probably just jumping in to your posts or otherwise distracted by your profile pic.

Anyways. Chicks w/ guns...I dig 'em. So it caught my eye.

Nina said...

Haha, thanks... for some reason, my band poses with guns a lot. And our logo is guns. GUNS!