Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, yesterday I tried to do something fun and ended up doing something really stupid. It was fun, but still stupid.

So I'm sitting at home, doing nothing but checking Craigslist and for job openings, when I say to myself, "why am I just sitting around? I should go for a walk!"

Now I've heard of the Manassas Battlefield park, which is right down the street, and I did a little research to discover they had trails! I decide to walk a trail, without first learning about how long the trails ARE. So I go to the park. It's a beautiful 89 degree day. I set off walking, by myself, with my phone dying. I see a little baby deer, take some pictures, and keep walking. And walking and walking. Mid-way through, my phone dies. I realize I'm in the middle of the woods with no phone, no map, and no way of knowing how long this trail is.

I finished it, and came to realize it was about 5.3 miles long. Certainly not too long a walk, but going up and downhill, and over rough terrain? Yeah, it was pretty rough, especially during those long stretches when I was out in the sun. But I did it, and it was, for the most part, fun. Except the part where my phone died and I could have totally been murdered in the middle of the woods. That was dumb.

In other news, I have 14 days until my next show, and I feel really horrible about my body. So horrible that I'm considering the master cleanse, which I think is the most stupid fad diet on the face of the earth. But considering the fact that I only have 15-20lbs I want to lose, and it's known to get rid of that much in a short period of time (due to STARVATION, yes, I know), I'm willing to give it a shot. Beyonce did it, a friend of mine did it, and they both lost 20lbs and didn't die. So I'm willing to give it a shot. If I do, I'll be posting daily on the effects.

I am an advocate of low-carb dieting, not vegi-dieting, which I think is stupid as shit. But to lose these rolls? I'll give anything a shot. It's not gonna be anything permanent, and I'm aware that I'll probably be losing a shit-ton of water, but, lemme see what this does to me.

Hooo boy, wish me luck.


Fat Daddy said...

OMG! The Master Cleanse. I am a veteran of the master cleanse. I won't preach to you that you should not do it. You're young enough to where you will not listen. I didn't, and none of my firends did either. We were all in our 20's. We just ignored everyones advice and jumped right in. So here's my pointers.

When you do the first part to "purge your system" better guard the doors to the are going to need them w/o much notice.

I lost 22 pounds in 10 days. But gave back about 5-7 once I began to eat some food. Normally there is food moving through your system you know, and it weighs something.

When you come off of this thing, follow the directions to the "T". I did and I was fine. A few of my friends went straight to Bob Evan's or Chicken Wings or whatever, and they had cramping and a gastric hurrucane like I've never seen. I followed the directions, and it took me about three days to be totally back on regular food.

Last...I am breaking my word, but don't do it. Good luck!

Nina said...

Thanks for the advice!! I pray that I can lose as much as you did. I know I'll gain some back, but, after the show I'll have time to take it off in a better and healthier way.

Carlos said...

shit it out, yo! might be the short term kick start you need.

screwdestiny said...

So, I'm pretty sick of people villifying the Master Cleanse. It is not a "starvation diet." It was never meant to be a diet. It was meant to be what it indicates--a CLEANSE. This is just to get the crap out of your system, say, before you decide to start eating healthier. But then people realized they lose weight (temporarily) while on it, and then everyone started calling it a diet and saying it was dangerous. The body can actually go for quite a while without food as long as you're getting plenty of water, which is why cleanses like this are okay. But please don't do them trying to use it for weight loss because yes, it will just all come back once you're off it. However, your system will feel a lot better.

Nina said...

Looks like the MC is a no deal. The hubby was not happy with my idea and thinks it will only further my ED. And he's probably right.