Thursday, August 6, 2009


So today, I had an interview. I had it at 9:15 AM, and it was all the way in Landover MD, right down the street from the Redskins Statium. Funny how I moved all the way to Manassas for my job, only to possibly get a new one right next to my old hometown of Forestville. Honestly though? I couldn't care less. I'd do anything to get this job. It's what I want, just a job as a graphic artist for a growing company, and I know I'd be happy there. I want this so badly. I need a job that will make me feel good, and I'll drive an hour every morning to get there.

Did VERY well on the diet front, today. Lunch was chicken salad, dinner was sausages and zucchini in vodka sauce. Two cheese snacks in between, aaaand that's it! I feel full and happy, and my jeans are feeling looser. So hopefully I'll get thiiiiiiiiiiinner...

But what would make me happiest is to be skinny, and have this job. So please pray for me, and pray HARD.


Fat Daddy said...

I'm prayin'! and crossing fingers.

Nina said...