Monday, August 17, 2009

Is Nina gonna have to choke a bitch?

So, as if my recent bouts with self-doubt and depression weren't enough, today I received a phone call. Apparently someone (who I will not name, sorry), saw it fit to compare my involvement with my band to Gwen Stefani of No Doubt.

Yeah, wrap your brain around that one, wouldja?

This person has been on my ass quite a bit, lately. See, he's a Satanist. I don't care. I'm a Catholic. I figured so long as I never mentioned any of that there wouldn't be a problem. Apparently I was wrong. Whatever was I thinking for inviting him to my wedding? He actually started insulting my wedding and my church because... it was a church. And I didn't even bring it up! I was discussing looking for a sword-swallower for one of our shows when suddenly he brought up my wedding, and asked why I had it in a church and not a place "more human". Seriously, those were his words.

I do not get people like this. I don't rub my religion in anyone's face. As a matter of fact, unless you ask me what my religion is, you probably won't know I'm a Catholic. It's kind of a surprise for people when they find out, because it's so common-place to bash religion (especially amongst the scene I'm involve with), so when they ask my opinion and I say "well, the truth is, I'm Catholic", there's usually some uncomfortable silence. But I'm not going to deny my faith just because some people are too narrow-minded to accept other people's beliefs. I mean this guy claims to hate "bible-belters", yet he acts just as bad as they do! And then goes on to compare me to Gwen Stefani?? Who, I must remind you, I have absolutely nothing in common with past the fact that we're both women and we both sing in bands. You might as well compare me to Courtney Love.

Bands generally have two issues; the first are when I classify as "genuinely valid concerns". We treat these GVCs with respect, talk them out, and work through them. The rest I like to call "ridiculous shit". This is definitely ridiculous shit. This is some out-of-nowhere, "I want to be pissy" ridiculous shit from someone who can't seem to separate business from his personal life. Well sorry guy, but I'm not going anywhere. The fact of the matter is, people know who I am and they know what I'm capable of. I don't give anyone shit for anything unless it interferes with the band, and I seriously doubt that what I do on Sundays, away from you, interferes with the band. Religion has it's place, and it's not up for discussion. I'm not going to change my ways because you keep shoving your opinion down my throat.

That's right, assholes. I'm down with Jesus. What the fuck business is that of yours?


Amy said...

I'll never get why people are so up on their hoity horse about religion.... it's kinda like face cream...'well, that one didn't work for me, but this one works GREAT!'

Eh. Some people just enjoy being hostile. (Wait...*I* enjoy being hostile, but like...not in a mean way. Um. That makes no sense. Oh

Fat Daddy said...

Nina: I've never understood why so many people are threatened by someone else's personal faith.

Good for you for not rolling with the pressure. In your world, a lot of people roll their eyes at religion.