Saturday, August 8, 2009

So easy to shop!

You know, I find that when I'm dieting, it is SO much easier to shop. I know exactly what I can and can not have. A week back into my WOE (way of eating), I can easily say no to the snack foods that I have issues with (damn you, tortilla chips!!), and look forward to the foods that I -can- have.

This morning I drove to Bloom. See, I've got a contract with these guys who work for NASA to do some graphic work, and I'm expecting a call from them. Unfortunately, my phone is dead, my friend has my charger, and she's not home, so the only thing I have to charge my phone with is the car charger. I needed to get some veggies (all we have left is broccoli), so I went on an expedition to Bloom. I -love- Bloom. If I were happy with my weight, oh the things I would buy!! Mostly foods that I once enjoyed at home, things from my dad's country that I miss (plantains, yucca, mangoes, papaya...), and the awesome specialty tortilla chips.

But I said no! I totally said no to all of it and bought some good stuff. Chili flavored oil for stir fries, horseradish sauce for Willy's roast beef sandwiches, sugar-free raspberry vinegrette for salads, cucumbers, mushrooms, and celery.. and a few other things I can't remember. But I love the ease of shopping, and the peace of mind that I get, knowing that anything I eat won't make me gain weight. With that freedom, I could chew on this celery all day.. ha!


Fat Daddy said...

Great will power! Good luck with that ...celery...thing.

WOE...I'll have to remember that one. Is that "Duchess of Dork" term...or some Atkins lingo?

Nina said...

I got it off the Atkins term a long time ago. And celery ain't so bad when you add some cream cheese!